Financial Planning is one of the best ways you can organize your financial future.

The Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix and the Arizona Republic are joining forces to provide free financial makeovers to selected residents of Arizona.  If you are willing to have your financial information published in an Arizona Republic story, you could be eligible for a free financial makeover. All you have to do is participate in a survey.

Free financial planning

What are your financial goals? What financial issues do you struggle with? Do you save and invest wisely? Team up with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and receive free expert help in making a plan to achieve your financial goals. We will match you with a CFP® who can help you sort through financial jargon and create a sound plan for your financial future.


We'll select a number of individuals, couples or families to get free financial makeovers. Whether you want to ensure you’re on track for retirement, get out of debt, plan a monthly budget, or learn how to fund college for your children, we can help. You must agree to have your financial details published in a story in the Arizona Republic, along with your photograph and personal details.

About the Financial Planning Association: FPA is the membership organization for the financial planning community. FPA members are dedicated to supporting the financial planning process in order to help people achieve their goals and dreams. FPA believes that everyone needs objective advice to make smart financial decisions and that when seeking the advice of a financial planner, the planner should be a CFP® professional.

of Greater Phoenix

Vision:  The essential hub of our Financial Planning community.

Mission:  Connect CFP(R) and associated professionals to the resources they need and the people who need them.
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