Technology Committee

As more and more of the chapter's business is done through digital means, there is more work to be done to keep the chapter's technology up to date and working efficiently. As of Spring 2015 a lot of our work is around codifying best practices into standard procedures that create synergies between different committees and the board of directors. 

A few of our present tasks:

  • Determine feasibility, design the actual survey instrument, and ensure adequate amounts of feedback are received as the chapter looks to move from paper to electronic speaker feedback forms.
  • Determine editorial calendar for chapter newsletters including determining a monthly theme in order to have the newsletter be more impactful and a highly anticipated email every month.
  • Along with paid staff, build out members, committees, and Board sections of the website allowing for a centralized communication hub.
  • Collecting events from all committees and putting on central FPA calendar. Next step will be to filter these events so they reach intended audiences while not overwhelming the membership as a whole.
In order to fulfill these tasks and build for the future, we are looking to fill four spots on the technology committee:
  • 1 volunteer to curate listings for the chapter's job board by posting submitted job listings and following up to make sure that listings are still accurate and available. 
  • 1 volunteer to help with technology at Chapter Meetings, specifically A/V equipment.
  • 2 volunteers to serve on the committee in a generalist capability.
As a member of the Technology Committee, you will learn more about web design, electronic communications and be exposed to best practices in leveraging technology to help an organization run more efficiently.

The inside scoop on the Technology Committee comes from Brian Frederick, Technology Director.
 Committee Chair:  Dan Zaremba
 Progress toward 2016 goals:

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