Many groups and organizations need speakers for their monthly or quarterly meetings. If you are looking for a qualified, informative speaker to educate your organization about pertinent financial topics, contact us at FPA of Greater Phoenix

Speakers are qualified to present on any of the topics below.

  • Forging Your Financial Future
    An overview of financial planning, how it helps you, and how to get started. 
  • Money School: Tips for Developing Good Financial Habits 
    A great introduction to money and the concepts of financial planning, saving and investing. 
  • Budgeting 101: Life’s Balancing Act 
    Practical tips on budgeting and saving. 
  • Choosing the Right Insurance for Every Stage of Your Life 
    From homeowners to health insurance, this presentation gives you an overview of what type of insurance you might need or not need at different times in your life. 
  • Estate Planning:  What Everyone Needs to Know 
    Information on why estate planning is important, how it affects you, what documents you need and how to get started. 
  • Financial Considerations for Your Small Business 
    Provides a broad outline of the planning steps (legal, financial and benefits related) a business owner needs to take as they develop, run and eventually sell their business. 
  • Financial Planning Considerations for Long-Distance Care Giving
    Provides an overview of the issues you encounter with a family member who needs care and a list of resources and web sites to turn to. 
  • Money and the Human Experience 
    An interactive discussion about how and why we treat money the way we do -- unfolding healthy and unhealthy subconscious attitudes towards money. 
  • Real World Retirement Planning 
    Covers the personal and financial issues you encounter as you near retirement. 
  • 20 Keys to Being a Smarter Investor
    A great introduction to investing, this presentation helps you decide what to do and what not to do, and how investing fits in to the overall financial planning process. 
  • Financially Surviving a Job Loss
    Financial considerations, from insurance to debt to investing, that you want to think through when in the position for a potential job loss or job change. 

For additional information, or to schedule an experienced professional as a speaker, please contact us at FPA of Greater Phoenix. This email will go directly to a volunteer who runs our local speakers bureau. 

Please join us in our cause to promote financial literacy throughout the valley! Speakers volunteer on behalf of FPA and are available free of charge.  Should you schedule a speaker an honorarium to the FPA’s Financial Literacy Fund would be welcome.

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